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Ask for the Host with the Most

Your website host provides the Internet on-ramp that connects you to the world of eCommerce, so choosing the right host is a critical business decision. You want a web host that delivers more than space on a server. You want reliability, security, and a help desk that actually helps.

Ask Digital Marketing offers a range of hosting options to fit your company’s budget and needs – from low-cost shared hosting to elite, concierge private servers that provide lock-down security and lighting fast response times.

Why choose us as your web host partner? Ask delivers customised services that sync seamlessly with text, images, videos, animations – we build the right content, with the right message, focused on the right market, and then we take care of your company’s website hosting needs with unparalleled services and value.

  • Ask website hosting offers a 99.9% up-time because when your company is off-line, you’re out of business.
  • An easy-access trouble ticket hotline. Got a question? We’re on it.
  • Redundant layers of security including hard-wired firewalls, multiple layers of anti-malware software, secure and locked server access monitored by CCTV 24/7/365.
  • Backup generators that kick in automatically during power outages. Your brick-and-mortar business may be in the dark but your website always shines when Ask provides hosting services.
  • Our tech geeks sync up server-side security software with the native software on your business network to deliver all the security benefits state-of-the-art hosting delivers – something no other web host can do because Ask creates the site and the security, creating website protection that makes hackers move on to an easier target.
  • We install and maintain what we design and create on our dedicated servers so you can turn your attention to the business at hand: business!
  • Whether you’re window shopping for a web host, or planning on migrating your website to a more client-centric provider, Ask for the best. We build the content and install it properly, delivering security, reliability, and client care that exceeds expectations every single time.
  • Top-down web marketing and hosting. One call, one point of contact, one less thing to worry about.

Ask Digital Marketing: The Website Host with the Most