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Social Media:

Ask Invites Your Business to the Party

If you own a biz – online or real-world – success is measured by the number of prospects who (1) find your business, and (2) take the action you most desire, from making a purchase to signing up for your industry newsletter.

Social media marketing works for start-ups, growing businesses, and global enterprises maintaining brand awareness, or introducing your new storefront to local, Manchester-based companies and businesses. Log into any social media site to discover promos by Coke, Nike, and IBM right alongside a social media page for a popular local restaurant.

Ask: About Social Media Marketing 

What makes social media marketing so effective? There are a lot of reasons that businesses are socialising with their growing client bases.

  • Social media is usually FREE. Create your own Facebook page. Open a Twitter account and Tweet hot hourly specials to keep patrons coming back.
  • Social media is used by prospects in relaxed mode, not hyper-stressed, 9-5 mode so your company’s message has a better chance to be heard through the white noise of daily business.
  • Social media introduces your business to new prospects, while keeping current clients up to date on everything from a new product launch to a “25% off coupon on your next purchase.”
  • Changing social media posts is easy. Post throughout the day to reach prospects as different time zones get ready for another day. The people who see your advert at 9:00 AM will differ from those who see it at 5:00 PM. Time (and business) marches on.
  • Target specific market segments with a variety of buying incentives that appeal to these various segments. Customise your marketing to send the right message to the right decision-maker in your business realm.
  • Use social media to send useful information to prospects and clients. Don’t just hype your products or services. Help prospects discover your value.
  • Keep your company brand in front of prospects. Each impression builds brand awareness. Cost? Nothing.
  • Use different social sites for different purposes. Facebook, for example, offers free Facebook pages. You can also form a group of like-minded people who want to hear from you. Buyers who discover your business through social media marketing are very-highly qualified prospects who seek out your business offerings.

Think about your own browsing habits. Got a company Facebook account? How about Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or industry-specific meeting places where you can catch up on the competition and exchange posts with new prospects.

Ask Digital Media designs and implements an end-to-end social media marketing campaign that is diverse, focused, highly-targeted, and always interesting.

Unlike other web development companies who use social media as a hard-sell marketing channel, Ask Digital Media takes a more sociable approach providing useful consumer information, links to industry articles that establish your business as an authority, and a coupon for a free car wash across town.

Give social media contacts a reason to reach out to you and they will.

The benefits of social media are numerous, providing input from customers and prospects, and keeping buyers close to the next engagement.

Ready for the social media party?

Ask Digital Marketing invites you to use social media marketing to reach out to customers. Stay in touch with consumers, and they’ll stay in touch with you.

Simply Ask.