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Presentation to G3 Newswire

14th March 2017
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14th March 2017 Sam Hickson

Presentation to G3 Newswire

from left: Lewis Pek, John Slattery and James Slattery (Gaming Publishing) accompanied by Sam Hickson from Ask Digital Marketing

G3 Newswire are leaders in reporting about the gambling and casino industry. With both digital and hard copy magazines they deliver the latest content to their subscribers with news, interviews including exciting developments happeningĀ in the industry. Now they have further delivery media from our mobile app development

G3 newswire approached Ask Digital Marketing as they’d started to come up against limitations in their off-the-shelf mobile app product which offered a great introduction to the mobile app world but ultimately wasn’t the tool to enable them to grow with their ideas.

We spent weeks planning and consulting with G3 Newswire on a new mobile app development, moulding their vision for a new App launch into a reality. We couldn’t wait to get started building the app from the ground upwards with meticulous detail to ensure that the launch of the app made the impact that they’d planned on. The Manchester team at Ask have loved working on this project and the end product has become a huge asset to not just G3 Newswire but as a whole to the industry.

As a gift back to G3 Newswire for giving us the opportunity, we today presented them with a framed smartphone to commemorate the launch of their mobile app in February.

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