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Building this app has been so much fun and with great results

G3 Newswire of gaming publishing had previously launched a basic off-the-shelf mobile app for their customers which enabled them to deliver news but had its limitations especially when G3 came to offer advertising opportunities to the industry.

G3 started to reach out to the digital market and gained a few costings for the project they had in mind.

When they came to Ask Digital Marketing to find out what we could do for them, they were quite wounded by the over priced developers that had plucked a number from their bag of figures as to what they thought an app like this could be worth.

We assured them that we’d understand their brief, offer new ideas and then give them a more tuned estimation as to the project cost.

Carrying out this exercise meant that we delivered a strong and accurate project outline alongside a quotation and reassurance that G3 would have an end result that not only matched their original idea but also incorporated our suggestions.

In all honesty the project took us a little longer than anticipated but this was purely down to our stubbornness for perfection and to implement further improvements that we designed mid-build of the mobile app.

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