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MPA Thrive Seminar – Stress, Mindfulness, Positivity & Productivity

12th June 2017
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12th June 2017 Sam Hickson

MPA Thrive Seminar – Stress, Mindfulness, Positivity & Productivity

When we heard about the MPA Thrive event it intrigued us, then to be fortunate enough to be invited along meant I looked into it further when it really got my attention. I’ll be honest in that we didn’t know what to expect from a day filled with positivity & mindfulness in the workplace.

To say that we were pleasantly surprised was an understatement as it kept us transfixed from 8am right through to the end of the day. Firstly the food and refreshments were fantastic and not your average business meeting expectation. In fact the christening I attended that weekend had a lot to answer for in comparison…

Ok so hopefully I’ve set the scene for the level of seminar we attended which by the way was hosted at The Studio on Lever st, Manchester, a great hub for meetings, workshops and alike.

The morning started with an introduction from Karuna, a mindfulness coach all the way from Hawaii who I have to say was an incredible speaker, so clear and engaging. Although some would find uncomfortable she had us participate in 5 minutes of meditation to clear our thoughts and prepare us for the day. I personally found this very relaxing and the perfect way to kick start the seminar.

Throughout the day we heard from a number of coaches in different fields including, nutrition, sports, motivation, business strategists just to name a few.

The MPA really know how to organise an event so much so we are soon to become members of the Manchester MPA community of which we’re super excited to be involved with.

Special thanks to Tina Robinson of constructing growth and Karuna of hub for the heart for inviting us along.


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