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Mobile App Development:

Make Your Business Proactive with Mobi

Ask Us. 

Your customers and clients are no longer tethered to a desktop to log on to the Internet. They don’t need a hot spot with expensive coffee. All they need is a nearby cell tower to access your website.

And lots and lots and lots of prospects do that. Everyday. Estimates range from 37% to over 50% of all Internet access is through a mobile device – a smartphone, a tablet, a pod, a PDA – your prospects are on the move, and that means your business is on the move.

The 7 Reasons You WANT a Mobile Biz App

And How to Get One – FAST!

  1. An app works in conjunction with your existing website, except visitors don’t have to scroll right, left, up, down. Your mobile app looks good, inviting, on a smaller screen.
  1. Your Ask mobile app can do ANYTHING! A restaurant? Send out the daily specials to your best customers. Car dealer? Send out incentives to see more service appointments. Medical professional? Send appointment reminders to lower cancellations.
  1. A website isn’t proactive marketing. It only works when visitors actually stop by for a look-see. A mobile app enables any business to “push” information proactively! Announce a special insider sale. “Just show your smartphone screen at checkout.” Send useful information. Help. Don’t hype.
  1. Ask Digital Media makes your app sing, dance, and tap prospects on the shoulder when you have something worthwhile to say. We even handle the “worthwhile” part by delivering useful push information and time-proven sales incentives. The ROI from an effective app, designed, developed, and even maintained by a mobile app development company – ASK – is incalculable.

Reach out on your schedule. Say hello. Send birthday greetings to increase client or customer retention.

  1. Mobi apps, whether developed for Android or IOS, are most successful when designed, built and maintained by the same people. Ask us. We design it. We build it. We ensure 100% compliance. And we keep your push info green and tasty.
  1. Your app icon is on device screens every day – a daily reminder that your business is ready to serve.
  1. Ask designs your app to execute a number of marketing tasks:
  • When a prospect snaps a picture of your smart tag, your Ask app automatically hooks up the caller to the right person in your office – a VERY highly-qualified lead who actually took the time to reach out to YOU! An easy conversion and close.
  • Easy, secure customer access to account information to cut down on customer care costs. This thing pays for itself.
  • Remote payment capture – if you deliver services on the road, your tech crew gets paid at the time services are delivered. Snap a pic of a paper check for automatic deposit into the company coffers. Cut collection cost down to….zero?
  • Maintain client and customer goodwill with cost cutters, white papers, links to useful information, tips, life hacks, a reason to stop by your outlet down the street or across town.

This is just the start as more of your prospects access your business using a mobile business app.

Do I Really Need a Mobi Business App?


You need an app because the competition has apps, because your customers expect (and appreciate) ease of use from mobile devices, and overnight, you go proactive with marketing, reaching out with an email blast, a direct marketing piece, a print advert – tie it to your mobile app for greater impact, impressive results, and a lot of new customers eager to open your latest push.

Think it’s tough? Nope, it’s not. Think it’s expensive? Think again. It’s not.

Stay current, keep up with customers and clients on the go, and let us design the app that saves your business money on Day 1.

Ask delivers the latest in mobile tech, from development to mobile content creation.

And, luckily, all you have to do is ASK.