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Focused Message, Targeted Market, BIG Results

As a marketing tool, your company website is as effective as the number of visitors who actually see that website. You’ve positioned the company perfectly for a geo-specific region, or for a menu of services – a “one-stop” shop. Problem is, no one knows how good you really are.

Email Marketing Success

Ask Digital Delivers

Your website must appeal to a broad base of consumers or clients – casting a wide net that makes the office phone ring. Email marketing is targeted at a specific demographic. Home owners within a 40km radius of Manchester, new parents, small business owners, bistro chefs – your email blast hits home with a highly focused message or buying incentive.

The messaging is focused with laser precision: you’ve got a need; we have the fix. Ask Digital Marketing keeps your email messaging out of the spam folder and open on the desks of new prospects looking for the services or products your business sells.

Email marketing enables your company to create a drip marketing campaign that reaches out to existing customers, previous buyers, and new prospects at specifically-timed intervals, developing more and more impressions…and more and more orders.

Email marketing focuses messaging on your company terms: a local service region, a specific business arena, a brand that sets your company apart from the competition. Email sets you apart.

Ask Digital Marketing:

We Hate Spam

If your email blasts have imploded in the past – costing precious time and money without delivering results – your message wasn’t useful to recipients. It delivered the wrong message. It lacked conviction or authority. It went straight to the spam folder where it was ground up and discarded.

The key to successful email marketing? Provide recipients with a good reason to open your email. Helpful tips. A free home inspection. A consultation without cost. How about a coupon that appears on the screens of mobile phones, pods, tablets and other PDAs? “Just show your smartphone screen at the checkout.”

When used in conjunction with smart tags, your emails can be programmed to access your website, driving traffic to your online home base, or that smart tag can be used to automatically dial the number of a sales rep. Snap a picture of a smart tag and automatically download a free app. Your emails are not only expected, they’re welcomed because you’ve sent something of value.

Spam doesn’t usually get read. That’s why Ask Digital Marketing doesn’t much care for spam. But we do LOVE email marketing.

When used in tandem with other marketing channels – print, electronic, face-to-face engagement – your company emails get read.

Call Ask Digital Marketing to get your email, and your business’ message, in front of the decision-makers who call you, place orders, and grow your company to profitability faster.

Email marketing from Ask Digital: You’ve got mail. You’ve got success.

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