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Building the Company Brand?

Ask for the Blueprint for Success

Your company brand delivers a powerful message to clients, customers, prospects, browsers, Internet users – everything from your business card to the sign hanging out front, to the ease of use of your professional website – all integral aspects of your business brand.

Everything associated with your business, a memorable company logo, a clever tag line, a clear, understandable, iron-clad guarantee – all these, and more, create impressions in the minds of people looking for your products or services.

Part Art, Part Science:

Ask Digital Marketing Takes Brand Building

to the Next Level of Business SUCCESS!

Send callers to an endless phone tree and your business makes an impression contributing to a brand – and not a good one. Have a helpful, knowledgeable human (with problem-solving authority) answer the company phone, and you’re building a quality brand for client care and customer service.

Ask Digital Marketing refines brand building to an art – analysing your market, your products or services, your website, and the subliminal messages your brand sends, precisely focused on the drives of your target market, from elegance and prestige to “LOW, LOW COST-BUSTER SALES.”

Your brand is your look, the feel of engaging your company, helpful reps, a company that stands behind its work; its products. Your company brand delivers the right message – when the brand is right.

Building a Solid Brand with Ask Digital Marketing

Successful branding isn’t an objective, it’s a process that requires repetition, consistency, client-centric operations, and, innovation to cut through the white noise that bombards your prospects. Your company needs to stand out from the pack.

Brand maintenance and reputation management are part of building a sound, recognisable company brand that’s consistent across all marketing collaterals and daily procedures for client/customer interactions.

Your engagements with customers and clients create the most powerful marketing tool available – positive word of mouth (WOM); one trusted source touting your company for excellent service, or recommending your products to others within your business sphere. WOM builds trust, and that creates strong brands.

Something as “insignificant” as the company stationery, or a couple of grammar gaffes in your brochure can turn a prospect into a problem. Brand building is the solution.

Reputation management is critical when competitors and trolls can attack your company online with complete anonymity. If your restaurant receives a couple of bad reviews posted by the competitor across the street, take steps to protect your brand – the one you’ve worked so hard to build.

Ask Digital Marketing – Pumped-Up Brand Building 

  • We conduct detailed market research.
  • Ask collects your existing site metrics for detailed analysis.
  • Our Manchester-based agency delivers both electronic and traditional print marketing to build a brand faster through integrated marketing channels. Send a bi-fold to your service area that directs them to the sale on your website – a one-two punch.
  • With you, we develop objectives and milestones to measure success – a testable branding strategy.
  • We test your site – single- and multi-variant testing to identify what’s pulling and what needs repair.
  • We track competitor activity, within the Manchester area, and around the globe. Ask Digital Marketing loves number crunching.
  • We stay with you for the long term, growing and maintaining your brand so you focus on growing and maintaining a successful business.

So where are you? How’s business? Still in the early planning stages, or struggling to get traction on your current site.

Are you sure your brand is right for the sweet-spot of your target market. Ask Digital Marketing builds and maintains professional websites that not only deliver traffic, they deliver eCommerce success.

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