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Lowan Murray | June 15, 2021 |

Is your brand under-performing? It’s a question everyone needs to ask, but few businesses seem willing to; what is your paid search doing for your brand image? Perhaps you’re not quite getting the reach you’d hoped for.

OK, so most of us know the fundamental principles of paid search marketing, and why it exists – raising brand exposure through engagement, increasing customer loyalty, and reaching out to new audiences with the aim of converting.

So, what are the questions you need to be asking?

Why do you exist?

What’s is the core goal of the business? What are you trying to achieve or change, improve upon, push forward, deliver and service to customers? And why?

How did the brand come together?

What’s the story behind your brand? Everyone loves a good story, how did it all come together? A genuine storytelling brand always connects emotionally with the people. Essentially, this lets you engage with your audiences easily!

What are you known for selling?

No one knows your brand like you do, but this doesn’t mean the public want to know every details about your company, so don’t forget to keep in mind that everyone needs to understand what’s actually is for sale. Select the relevant parts and embed them in posts, stories, blogs, or incentive – like competitions if it relates, of course. Everyone likes a freebie!

Who the target market is?

Identifying your audience is the main thing, once you have your desired audience then you can target them with Paid ads, SEO, Social Media ads and pretty much every on every platform out there! Let’s not forget about retargeting or remarketing to the costumers who have left your website, according to stats 80% of those lapsed leads convert into potential sales!

Who the competitors are?

Competition is fierce out there, so keeping your audience engaged is key! Paid ads allow you to target customers your competitors are also targeting, keeping the ad relevant and to the point is essential – a typical person will lose interest after 5 seconds of scanning your website.

Which metrics are used to measure success?

Without knowing what the objectives of the overall business are how will you ever judge whether marketing of any kind, including social media marketing, is working? Selecting the right metrics is crucial, this will lead back to your goals and objectives.

If you’ve already got great engagement and scheduled posts on social media platforms, it may be better to try other forms of paid search such as Google, Bing or even Affiliate marketing depending on the brand nature. However, it’s important to remember that social media needs to be updated and freshened so audiences are always engaged. By embracing this type of advertising strategy, you’ll soon see the benefits of paid social media advertising for your brand. For more information on what Ask Digital can offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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